SPC Flooring Machine

Mixing raw material→Extrusion→ UV coating and tempering→ Cutting, grooving→Angle paint (optional) →IXPE/EVA laminating(optional) →Packaging


Step 1: Mixing raw material




According to the formula ratio, pour the raw materials into the high speed mixer to mix(hot mixing temperature: 125 ℃, the function is that mix all raw material uniform, remove moisture in the material; then the raw material goes into the cold mixer (cooling the material, prevent caking and color changing, cold mixing temperature: 55 ℃.),

Step 2: Extrusion




Heat and extrude the raw materials by the twin screw main extruder, form the base board by the T-Die, lamination by the 4 roll calender system, base board thickness pressing→PVC film lamination →PVC wear layer lamination →cooling →cutting.

Step 3: UV coating and tempering




Surface UV coating → tempering (tempering hot water temperature: 80 ~ 120℃; cold water temperature: 10℃.)

Step 4: Cutting, grooving 



Cutting, grooving

Step 5:Angle paint (optional)





Step 6: IXPE/EVA laminating(optional)



IXPE/EVA laminating(optional)

Step 7: Packaging



inspection and packing